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Vault Hunter in Alfheim Male!VH!Reader x Girl Ops
At the gang hang out apartment
You: Thank for the food and drink.
Kirito: No problem, it’s Asuna who made this.
Right now, you are at the house they hangout.
Agli: I never knew you’re Vault Hunter the whole time.
Oh you forgot Agli, you never knew Alfheim got bl- On second thought we just gonna ignore that.
Klein: Yeah, wait till you see him kicking our butt out the field.
Agli: Did you? *Look at you*
You: Well it was self defense.
After said that, Asuna bring food to you as well with a drink.
Asuna: Sorry about the mess back there.
You: It’s alright, at least we know each other.
You look at Asuna’s sandwich, it look good and you can tell Kirito is jealous of that.
You: I mean it a long day since-
When you take a bite, it taste like heaven.
Kirito: I know that look, go ahead and eat it.
When Kirito told you, you eat like a Skag eating their children. They laugh of you eating, after eating it you drink a water.
You: Oh my god, that was the best sandwich I ever ha
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Mature content
Midnight Workout - Mila x Male Reader Lemon P.2 :iconjohnnytheepicchhun:JohnnyTheEpicChhun 9 0
Mature content
Midnight Workout - Mila x Male Reader Lemon :iconjohnnytheepicchhun:JohnnyTheEpicChhun 17 0
Welcome to the Jungle Male Reader x Ahri/Katarina
2 - How you meet them
Ahri P.O.V
I remember you, the time you took something valuable to me.
I was walking throughout the jungle after helping Xayah and Rakan attack Zed and his Order of the shadow, well mostly Xayah but still help them. We recover the lost necklace that Zed used to destroy Shen and their fallow ninja friends. Xayah give a necklace to me, sometime we didn't get along but although she want to tell me what it like to "mate" with the human. Maybe she want to do with Rakan, but that the story for the future.
As I walked with my new necklace, someone watching me. I smell who it is. Human. Male. Young? This is going be good~
Ahri: Whatever you are, I bet you here for something.
???: Yeah. I here for the necklace.
Then I hear a drop behind, when I looked I see a male with a hunter clothe and carry a weapon. This is going be fun~
Ahri: Well if you want the necklace back, you gotta deal with me.
I summoning the orb, ready to fight.
???: This necklace belong to the jungle!
The h
:iconjohnnytheepicchhun:JohnnyTheEpicChhun 16 2
Welcome to the Jungle Male Reader x Ahri/Katarina
You're (Y/N) (L/N), a lone hunter who protect your home from destroy by Noxus.
When you a little child you and your  parents used to live outdoor house, everything was fine, until Noxus came. They killed your parent leaving you alone in the jungle. You were going to die, until Rengar the Pridestalker save you, long his side are Nidalee the  Bestial Huntress.
They help you to become the hunter and survive the forest, after few year they leave without saying goodbye. Not until they leave you a gift, your Dagger and your machete.
You've been wounder the jungle for past year, anyone that across you, you hunt them down. Even the wolf you faced. After a death battle between you and the beast, the beat bite your arm but you stab him multi time. But you feel funny, you turn into a werewolf.
But just before you freak out, you met a another wolf just like the one you faced already. Turn out, he was on your side. He learning you to their home, there was mother who take care the pact. A
:iconjohnnytheepicchhun:JohnnyTheEpicChhun 23 1
Eating with Half-Angel Part 12 Emi x Male Reader
After the date, which you mess up big time.  You’ve heartbroke even since last night date, saying people is more important than her, but in your heart Emi’s more important to you. A Half-Angel who care about you, you’ve never imagine that before.
Right now you heading The Devil caste, aka Maou house. Maybe a Demon Lord who can help your heartbroken.
You: *Knock the door*
Maou: *Open the door and see you grump* You mess up the date.
You: Big time.
Maou: Come.
You come in
Few minutes later you ask Maou about giving a second chance with her, you can’t help but think what she going to say. She’s going accepted your apology, or never forget you?
Maou: Just do it, I sure of it?
You: You’re sure about it? I mean what if-
Maou: I know Emi still like you a lot, I been seeing you two talking each other. Heck not only saving our butt, but giving her love she want.
You look at him, for a Devil King he’s good at someone giving a tips.
You: I’m
:iconjohnnytheepicchhun:JohnnyTheEpicChhun 5 3
Eating with Half-Angel Part 11 Emi x Male Reader
It been more then few mouth. You and Emi had been talking each other during work time, and sometime been “dating.” Well that what Emi thinking.
You feel the weird feeling with Emi, in fact you already in love with her!
You can’t help but talking with her everytime she call you. Heck you been walking around with her when she had a day off.
You can tell you want more than just friend, so why not asking her to be your girlfriend?
There a change that she will accept begin your girlfriend, if not…… There no going back.
Right now you and Emi are at the fancy restaurants, a five star around the city of Japan. As you two done your meal. You ask her.
You: Can’t believe it been a few mouth.
Emi: It has. Can’t remember how it start it.
You: I would say we both bump each other and forgot your wallet, so I payed both our meal.
Emi: That’s how we become friend.
You: I thoung you can’t remember?
Emi: I was testing you.
You: You good.
Emi: You know
:iconjohnnytheepicchhun:JohnnyTheEpicChhun 7 0
Vault Hunter in Alfheim Male!VH!Reader x Girl Ops
A Welcome Party
As you safely fall down to the ground, you make a hero landing.
After it you around and saw ammo, weapons and even supplies from the fall. But most importantly, what is this place? Like the flying castle and big tree, you knew you in different world.
As you walk away, a ship crashes down and make a explosion. Which you don't care and walk away like a badass should do, walk away and don't look at the explosion .
You: Looking at explosions is so overrated.
Few hour past and seen you been lost, you climb up the tree and look anyone close to you.
???: RUN AWAY!!
???: I already told it a bad plan!
???: Why you make yourself a leader?!
???: Cause I want it show how good Girl Ops we are!
You: Just my lucky day.
You drop down to help the girls out.
You run to the location until you spot four girl running away.
And you think they’re normal person like human. Right?
Nope, you saw four colorful adventurers running away from a
:iconjohnnytheepicchhun:JohnnyTheEpicChhun 13 2
Vault Hunter in Alfheim Male!VH!Reader x Girl Ops
Welcome to Alfheim
Sorry for the wait, we already deal the bandits after we sold fake guns, hope they didn't shoot.
Let begin! Starting with you going take down Hyperion scientist who summoning a Alien monster to restore peace, lucky for you it not going to happen.
You: You know, talking so loud make me want to shut your mouth up.
You take cover while just open Vault leaving an unknown monster coming through the portal.
Clockwork: Thank to your Vault friend who change the Vault key, I HAVE NOW FULL CONTROL TO WHATEVER SO CALL "GUARDIANS." and with it, NOBODY WILL EVER STOPPING ME!
You: Okay! Now I REALLY shut your f^#* mouth up!
You change at him with your Bitch (It a Legendary SMG, no it really it is. Just google Borderlands Bitch and see it is a Legendary SMG)
Loader Bots drop in while turr
:iconjohnnytheepicchhun:JohnnyTheEpicChhun 7 1
New Year with a Titan and a Bunny
Male Reader x Annie and Velvet
Ah New year, people celebrate every end of the year. Whatever good or bad they has over a year, they make a new year resolutions. People want to make a resolutions every year, even you make a new year resolutions. But look like your resolution is almost complete.
Your New Year Resolutions is stay Velvet Scarlatina and Annie Leonhart.
You met Annie during your gym class, and let just say she outmatch you. You want to defend yourself from bully, so you ask Annie to train you some brazilian jijustu and muai thai move. You learn more about her of how isolate when she not around with people. You help her making friends with Kirito, Ruby Rose, and many more. Annie doesn’t feel alone anymore.
Velvet was getting bullied from a group name Cardin and his ass face friends, you can’t help but beat the crap out of them. You totally did beat them up thank to Annie. You want to help Velvet from getting bullied from anyone, she thank to stand up for you makin
:iconjohnnytheepicchhun:JohnnyTheEpicChhun 13 13
See this? by JohnnyTheEpicChhun See this? :iconjohnnytheepicchhun:JohnnyTheEpicChhun 1 5 Merry Chrismas and Happy New Year by JohnnyTheEpicChhun Merry Chrismas and Happy New Year :iconjohnnytheepicchhun:JohnnyTheEpicChhun 1 0 SAO Hallow Realiztion now M for Mature by JohnnyTheEpicChhun SAO Hallow Realiztion now M for Mature :iconjohnnytheepicchhun:JohnnyTheEpicChhun 1 1
Vault Hunter in Alfheim - Prologue
Ah welcome adventurer! To the story of the Vault Hunters! The many tales of Vault Hunters of old and news, past and future, and myths and legends! I'm the speaker of the story who read many story of the Vault Hunters, Marcus is not here today, due of having a arm deal meeting with bunch of bandits (Hope he survive this) that I read the story for you! Just hope I do my best to entertain you people.
Now I done for introduce to you, I going to pick a story for you. Something flesh and never been told before.
Now let see. A Boy and his Skag? No. The Champion of Badass? Naw, Misadventure of Siren? I guess people already read this. Vault Hunters in Alfheim? Oh now this is interesting! Lady and gentlemen, are you tired of seeing a bloody bandits? Killer robots? Ugly monsters? And an Alien who going to destroy the universe? Well maybe you want to go another world to see something new. But what if the world that no one knew, is from the other dimensions? And that other dimension is Alfheim.
:iconjohnnytheepicchhun:JohnnyTheEpicChhun 10 4
Why? by JohnnyTheEpicChhun Why? :iconjohnnytheepicchhun:JohnnyTheEpicChhun 0 1
Eating with Half-Angel p.10- Emi x Male Reader
As you enter Emi apartments you check everything to be ready while heading Emi door.
You: Nice looking dress? Check. A badass 2015 Mustang GT? Check. A perfect date to having a unknown locate dinner? Check. Now that leave to-
As you almost finish your sentence, you at Emi door which it open and see.
Emi: Hi!
Emi red goddess dress, you can’t think how beautiful she is in this dress, while having a small nosebleed.
Emi: You okay? Here. *hand you a wipe*
You: Thank you. *As you wipe your nose* Sell we?
Emi: Of course!
You and Emi lock your arm together as you two walk to your car.
Emi: Nice car you has! Last time it was-
You: A Mustang *Open the car door for her* But it is a GT.
Emi: Faster one. Nice pick.
As you enter your car.
Emi: So, where we going tonight?
You: You been many dinner place before, now I want to show you you never been before.
You hit the gas as far you go!
As the unknow alley street
Emi: (Y/N), you know where we going?
You: Relax Emi, No one have ever been this a
:iconjohnnytheepicchhun:JohnnyTheEpicChhun 9 0


Neps' Love ( Neptune x M!Reader x Nepgear )

This is AU with CPU being daughters of famous and rich game and stations makers!
You are a poor sap and met those two before when they came out to play on the playground the same time you did. Their bodyguards wanted to throw you out but they wanted you to stay. It happened when you and Neptune being 7 while Nepgear was 5, now you are ten years older! ENJOY!
( Reader P.o.V )

Neptune's and Nepgear's home...

I stood at the front gate of Nep's mansion and stare at the enormous building. I can't even belive that I know these two... I mean we met when I was just a little kid and then two Neps decided to stay friends with me. I mean they are super rich and I am... well... me. Totally and super ordinary person. My grades are ordinary. My clothes are ordinary and my family is ordinary - working father, housewife mother and younger annoying sister.
Suddenly a man dressed in blue jersey with a gun at his side and a cap on hi
:iconpsajchol:Psajchol 34 6
Female Black Goku X Male Reader! #1

After two chapter's the next will be Morrigan Aensland X Male Reader. After those those two story's, I will continue with the request line, starting with
Tatsumaki X Male Reader.
Request by Izura-Kanasai
Opening theme for the story [link]
(No One Point of View)
(During Goku Black Arc)
      In Future Trunks timeline, the city is completely destroyed, Goku Vegata, Future Trunks, and one more saiyan name (First Name), four saiyans vs one being and that being is Goku Black. SSGSS Vegata and Black are fighting, as they are throwing punches at each other  Vegata manage to get the upper hand by a quick jab on Black face then kicks him in the gut sending him flying. Vegata unleash Ki Blasts at Black and all of the blasts hits Black but has no effect, Black makes Vegata mad as he blush off his shoulder like it was nothing then Vegata dashes at
:iconayalachris91:AyalaChris91 12 4
Dryad Soraka by Grooooovy Dryad Soraka :icongrooooovy:Grooooovy 9,554 282 Thorns of the Shadow by toniinfante Thorns of the Shadow :icontoniinfante:toniinfante 453 18 YoRHa Type-G No.4 by toniinfante YoRHa Type-G No.4 :icontoniinfante:toniinfante 520 9
Male Reader x Leafa - Attack of the Astro Zombies!
Part 2.
You both walked down the halls of the department quietly as other officers were walking past you. You entered an elevator that took you to the roof and you both entered your hovercar. "Environmental purge initiated." a female robotic voice said as compressed CO2 shot from your vehichle as you took off. You were flying around the city, a thick fog blanketing everything.
"So what do you know about replicants?" you said.
"Only what I read from the holosheets I was given, sir." Leafa said.
"Forget all that stuff. Most of it won't do you any good when you come face to face with one. You see, they put on facades. Lies. Use our own feelings against us. Trick us into thinking that they are equal to any human. That they ARE human. So sometimes they beg and plead to let them go. Sorry sight that is. I like killing them softly. At a distance. That way you don't have to deal with all the mushy stuff. But with older models, you have to test them with the Voight-Kompff empathy test. You know
:iconhellrider145:hellrider145 4 0
Male Reader x Leafa - Attack of the Astro Zombies!
Part 1.
You were sitting in a bar, a haze of cigarette smoke was all around, reading one of the newspapers. A briefcase filled with equipment sat next to your foot. Noise was everywhere as people were talking and music playing in the backround. You were wearing a long, black leather trenchcoat, a thin layer of fur lining the inside. You had a black shirt underneath and wore brown pans and black boots. You were getting dirty looks from the locals because they knew you were a cop but you didn't pay attention to them. You looked at your watch and saw it was 5:30 pm. You folded your paper and tucked it under your arm as you reached for your briefcase. You set some money on your table and walked out of the bar. The city was lit up with neon signs and the side-walks were over-crowded with people. You walked for a little bit and approached your hover car and got in. You typed in a name in the computer and a photo and a name and address appeared.
"Sheldon, John J." a voice said from your monit
:iconhellrider145:hellrider145 7 0
VENOMPOOL AND SPIDERMAN by Denstarsk8 VENOMPOOL AND SPIDERMAN :icondenstarsk8:Denstarsk8 81 4 Whatcha Loki'n at? by Kevin-Glint Whatcha Loki'n at? :iconkevin-glint:Kevin-Glint 592 20 Mercy and Symmetra by dandonfuga Mercy and Symmetra :icondandonfuga:dandonfuga 3,163 75 Flutterbat: Gothicc by MintyBlitzz
Mature content
Flutterbat: Gothicc :iconmintyblitzz:MintyBlitzz 79 9
Kill la Kill - Ryuko Matoi cosplay by Disharmonica Kill la Kill - Ryuko Matoi cosplay :icondisharmonica:Disharmonica 854 34
RWBY Vol 4 Male Reader X Ruby Rose Part 5
Hey all! Realising that having a month gap between chapters will mean I’ll never catch up with the story, so I’m gonna try to write more...especially since I’m lose to hitting1k watchers on Wattpad. I know  I’ve said if before, but I really am trying to find time to write between school, work, coursework and more. I know its not a viable reason for month gaps, but I will try to write more in the free time I have. RTX and vol 5 coming up next month so I'm gonna be getting down with the sickness that is RWBY fever. Now personally this upcoming fight scene is my favourite one to date in RWBY, and therefore I really wanted to try and capture it in all its glory, as well as trying not to change it to much to ruin it’s brilliance, whilst still adding enough to include the reader into the story. Hope you enjoy!
[Your POV]
Qrow: “Hey, I'm still working off last night’s hangover. Cut me some slack”
You: “Is now really the time for humou
:iconjackiflame:JackiFlame 25 8
RWBY Vol 4 Male Reader X Ruby Rose Part 6
Been ill the past few days so its given me some extra time to write while I recover. RTX today was awesome and vol 5 coming very soon to people who arent RT First members and I cant wait...Hope you enjoy!
[Your POV]
Qrow: “Really? No questions?”
Jaune: “Of course we have questions. This is just...a lot to take in”
Qrow: “Sure...of course”
You all sat at the campfire, the dark wood surrounding you as you all tried to understand the tale Qrow had just told of the Maidens.
Ruby: “So these Maidens...they're powerful fighters, who dont need Dust to use magic?”
Qrow: “Yeah"
Nora: “And there are four of them?”
Qrow: “Yup...always”
Ren: “Which means that, whenever one of them dies, the power transfers to someone - a female - that they cared about?”
Qrow: “Whoever was in their thoughts last. Important distinction. Best option is someone we can trust..”
You: “Guess we're in the worst case
:iconjackiflame:JackiFlame 25 7
Asada Sinon - Sword Art Online 2nd Season by NashClive Asada Sinon - Sword Art Online 2nd Season :iconnashclive:NashClive 10 2 Lightning Farron by raikoart Lightning Farron :iconraikoart:raikoart 4,882 96



1,622 deviations
So Halloween is around the corner, does that mean I'm going make a Halloween special? I want to ask everyone to which girl I going to use, just like Velvet and Annie on New Year MaleReader special. So Which girl are you going to pick? Also which costumes are you going to wear? I'm thinking going use Kung Fury.

What're you thinking?
At the gang hang out apartment

You: Thank for the food and drink.

Kirito: No problem, it’s Asuna who made this.

Right now, you are at the house they hangout.

Agli: I never knew you’re Vault Hunter the whole time.

Oh you forgot Agli, you never knew Alfheim got bl- On second thought we just gonna ignore that.

Klein: Yeah, wait till you see him kicking our butt out the field.

Agli: Did you? *Look at you*

You: Well it was self defense.

After said that, Asuna bring food to you as well with a drink.

Asuna: Sorry about the mess back there.

You: It’s alright, at least we know each other.

You look at Asuna’s sandwich, it look good and you can tell Kirito is jealous of that.

You: I mean it a long day since-

When you take a bite, it taste like heaven.

Kirito: I know that look, go ahead and eat it.

When Kirito told you, you eat like a Skag eating their children. They laugh of you eating, after eating it you drink a water.

You: Oh my god, that was the best sandwich I ever have.

Kirito: It’s Asuna who made it.

Asuna: Oh it was noting.

Sinon: Beside the whole Asuna’s food, I want to know your story.

Yui: Oh yeah! I want to hear your Vault Hunter story!

The gang lean to you, want it to hear your story from Pandona.

You: Well, it was all start it with a planet call Pandora.

One Borderlands 2 story and couple DLC later.

You: And that how I end up in your world call Alfheim.

The gang shock after you told your story. Until Klein ask.

Klein: So the whole time Handsome Jack going rip every bandit of Pandora?

You: Pretty much.

Klein: That’s not ba-

You giving him a death look.

Klein: Okay you got a point.

Lisbeth: But how about the Vault Key?

You: You mean this?

You drop it on the table.

You: One big ass alien key.

They awns of your key.

Silica: So that’s why Jack need it.

Asuna: To summon a Vault monster, Warrior.

You: Not only that, it can open a portal to the Vault's treasure.

Sinon: But nothing but an alien who’s going to kill you.

You: Exactly, everytime we open we end up getting a monster.

Kirito: Not until, some I guess a crazy scientist just open a portal , leaving you suck to our home.

Leafa: That’s how we heard the scream!

Few hour ago:


Leafa: You hear that?

Lisbeth: It just a fairlie who can’t control their fly.

Back to here

Klein: That make sense!

Kirito: That doesn't make sense of how you got that weapon.
Kirito pointing at your guns.

You: You mean my guns? *Pull out The Bitch* Let’s just say it dropped.

Asuna: Dropped?

Agil: As is dropped from the enemy's?

You: Oh yeah, sometime it rare other it legendary. It’s mostly happened on Pandora.

Kirito: Okay, but how about you pull a sword from the lake?

Is he telling the Sword of the Lake, like a Excalibur sword?

You: You mean Excalibur?

Kirito: That’s the one!

Sinon: Let’s just say, his sword is more powerful.

Kirito pull Excalibur.

Kirito: This is the sword that I used for taking a army.

Really? You can take out a entire of army with one rocket.

You: Kirito I don’t care how and what you did with so call “Excalibur,” It’s pointless.

The gang silent of what you said.

Kirito: Pointless? What are-

You: I gonna stop you right here. Your Excalibur is pointless to me.

The gang still silent.

You: I’ve seen many and I mean MANY weapons that are powerful, what your Excalibur do? Has many girl that inlove with you?

Klein: *Whisper* That’s how I look at.

Sinon: How dare you you say that to-

You giving Sinon ‘Are you %#*@$ serious’ look.

Sinon: On second thought, yeah I think Excalibur is pretty useless.

Kirito: But you got from 200 feet!

Sinon: Only cause you so special with that sword.

Kirito shock after she said that, you other hand surprise.

You: I’m really don’t know what happening, but I can tell you really do it for…

Sinon: Not anymore.

The gang shock.

You: I think it time to show me your Excalibur, before any girl give you a roast.

As Kirito give you the Holy Sword Excalibur, you look at it and…..

You: It’s a piece of shit sword I ever see in my life.

The Gang was give you ‘Are you kidding me’ look.

Kirito: Why?

You: This sword has nothing with it, just some gold sword that it!

Kirito: But it cut magic missile.

You still giving Kirito ‘Are you %#*@$ serious’ look.

Kirito: I….I got noting to say.

You: If you want a weapon with special has it.

You drop Excalibur on the table, resulting breaking the table from Excalibur drop.

You: Then this weapon has it.

You equip Excalibastard.

You: Ladies and gentlemen, The Excalibastard. The Excalibur of weapon, and it shoot ice beam.

Klein: I never seen a weapon like that before!

Lisbeth: A weapon that shoot ice beam?!

Sinon: And got a sword attached to gun?

You: Yes, yes and yes. Got it from Stanton's Liver on the moon call Elpis.

Kirito: Why it call Excalibastard?

You: “Thou art most badass.” Give a critical hit with a 100% to freeze them, and everytime I melee them the cypo explodes which freeze other nearby enemies.

Leafa: Now that is a legendary weapon.

You: Thank you, and must better then your Excalibur.

Kirito: But my sword cut magic!

You: But did your sword has magic beam to shoot?

Kirito: No?

You: There you go, the most useless sword that cut magic.

Kirito: Wish I got better sword.

You: and speaking of weapon, I need to get back on the shipwreck.

Silica: Why?

You: If I going to survive Alfheim, I going need some ammo, gear and weapon, and I mean a lot of weapon.

Asuna: Without his ammo he could get kill.

Kirito: So, where is it?

You pull your ECHO and show them the  map.

You: *You point the location.* If this where we met, *then show the shipwreck location* then the shipwreck has to be close.

Leafa: What are we waiting for? Let-

You: Hold your watermelon Leafa, I didn’t show what we deal with. If the ship has Louder-bots and turret, you better get cover.

Kirito: I hate to say this but, he’s right. If we know what we dealing with, we better know his enemies.

Lisbeth: So, follow the Vault Hunter to get his stuff, while a Louder-bots try to kill us? I’m in!

Sinon: Me too!

Leafa/Silica: I’m joining in!

Klein: Let’s kick them butt!

Agri: Guess I joining you.

Asuna: Since it our fault for almost kill you, we gonna return the favor. Right Yui?

Yui: Yes mama!

Kirito: Look like I join in, we’re going to help you get your stuff.

You: Then that settles it, we’re going the shipwreck tomorrow! But, where am I going to sleep?

The gang didn’t reach to that.

Kirito: Oh. That, we didn’t think of you getting a home

Asuna: We do have a house, but we got Yui so…

You: It’s alright, parent come first since you got a fairly child.

Yui: Thank! You’re so kind! * hug you*

You: *Pat her head* No problem.

Agil: Sorry but can’t let you in, Got to work.

You: It’s fine, adventurer need some drink at the bar.

Klein: Why not come with me! Got a nice place for two for us.

Lisbeth: *Whisper to you* Just FYI, his place is a mess.

Sinon: *Whisper to you too* He’s clean his place, once a month.

You: Noted.

Klein: Really?! Why insult my place?

Leafa: You remember we can’t find Pina?

Silica: I never forget you trap Pina with your trashs.

Pina: *making angy sound at Klein *

Klein: I said I’m sorry!

Kirito: Why not-

Sinon: I don’t think he can’t live with us, since we live together.

Leafa: Yeah.

Silica/Lisbeth: True.

You: So I guess I living in a street then.

Lisbeth: Wait!

They look at Lisbeth.

Lisbeth: Why not he live our hang out?

Kirito: You mean our apartment? Since we always hang out, maybe he can take our apartment.

You: You mean it?

Asuna: Sure, you can take it!

You: I- Thank!

Kirito: It's our fault for hurting you, so why not give a “we’re sorry for hurting you” gift.

Asuna: and give you our apartment.

Lisbeth: It’s a hang out for having great time.

Sinon: And since we don’t use it so much.

Leafa: Maybe it’s time for give our apartment to you.

You: Really guy, I don’t know what to say.

Silica: It’s best to forget you for our action.

Agil: Hell you make a living with our apartment.

Klein: That and a good drink and foods.

You can’t forget them after a good apartment, maybe you find a way to give them back.

You: Thank, I really mean it.

Kirito: Well there one way to end this day.

Lisbeth: Yeah, I mean it almost midnight.

Asuna: Guess we’ve to get going then.

As they leave, you at the door while they outside.

You: Thank for giving me this apartment. Tomorrow we’re going the shipwreck, find some supplies, and get the hell out.

Kirito: And watch out for guilds, they already-

You: Don’t worry, I bet there some Loader and Turret killing them.

They shock of what you said.

You: Anyway, I going to sleep. Night guy!

You close the door, thinking what are they going to face. Not until Klein said.

Klein: So he is going to live with us?

Kirito: As long we find the portal, yeah.

You: Holy crap! They have a holographic tv?!

Asuna: We forgot about the technology we have.
Vault Hunter in Alfheim Male!VH!Reader x Girl Ops
And that it. Wow 5 month pass since April, working on Dead or Alive/League of Legends x male reader, and writing this fic.

TBH, I getting bored in real life. So I’ve to kill time, working as part time is one thing, but getting back on anime and playing video game is another thing I need to kill time.  But writing a fanfic is a thing to really kill time, that and getting back my story.

So this chapter is done, but I think my story to be done. Eating with an Half-Angel Hero is need to be done. It been 3 year since I writing fanfic and Eating with an Half-Angel Hero is my favourite story I write, maybe it time to end. So I going to focus this story till it done. It just two ch always so it gonna take some time.

Anyway thank to reading my story.

By the way, Since SAO: Fatal Bullet is going be all platform, maybe I going to write new SAO X Male Reader since they add you as a main protagonist. And Ordinal Scale is a not bad movie, bit a same but a Pokemon GO like.
Wow, it been 5 mouth yet I didn't update to my fallow, which it okay for me. If you didn't know I still working Eating with an Half-Angel Hero as I work with Vault Hunter in Alfheim. It going take some time to get the part done. But what you didn't know, I going make a new x male reader, and this time it 18+. Just for now. And it not going be one girl, but two who going "gank" you. I can't wait to public. Tomorrow I going show what I talking about. Just for A/N. Here a hint. It League of Legends!


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