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A Halloween date with Scarlet Witch - Erza x Male
Halloween. The night of spooks and scary. The night of horror and nightmare. And the night of getting candy and wearing your costume of your life! That and going to Halloween party at the State Fair.
This night need a hero, a hero who use Fist of Fury and got a Ai car of David Hasselhoff. That hero is none other than…..
You’re wearing that for Halloween costume contest, but you feel like you become Kung Fury. Kicking ass and taking names, but all out of bubblegum. Only cause you got date with Erza Scarlet, and let say that her and Jellal are not working out. So you take care of Erza not matter what, and if you don’t? Well let just say Team Natsu gonna kick your ass, Hard.
*Door bell ring*
You: I’m coming!
You open door and see Erza wearing Mercy’s Witch skin, and hot damn she is still sexy with or without that cosplay. Oh and she is hosting this year's Halloween party.
Erza: Well someone to ready kick Nazis ass.
You: *In Kung Fury voice* And hav
:iconjohnnytheepicchhun:JohnnyTheEpicChhun 21 0
Vault Hunter in Alfheim Male!VH!Reader x Girl Ops
At the gang hang out apartment
You: Thank for the food and drink.
Kirito: No problem, it’s Asuna who made this.
Right now, you are at the house they hangout.
Agli: I never knew you’re Vault Hunter the whole time.
Oh you forgot Agli, you never knew Alfheim got bl- On second thought we just gonna ignore that.
Klein: Yeah, wait till you see him kicking our butt out the field.
Agli: Did you? *Look at you*
You: Well it was self defense.
After said that, Asuna bring food to you as well with a drink.
Asuna: Sorry about the mess back there.
You: It’s alright, at least we know each other.
You look at Asuna’s sandwich, it look good and you can tell Kirito is jealous of that.
You: I mean it a long day since-
When you take a bite, it taste like heaven.
Kirito: I know that look, go ahead and eat it.
When Kirito told you, you eat like a Skag eating their children. They laugh of you eating, after eating it you drink a water.
You: Oh my god, that was the best sandwich I ever ha
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Mature content
Midnight Workout - Mila x Male Reader Lemon P.2 :iconjohnnytheepicchhun:JohnnyTheEpicChhun 10 0
Mature content
Midnight Workout - Mila x Male Reader Lemon :iconjohnnytheepicchhun:JohnnyTheEpicChhun 17 0
Welcome to the Jungle Male Reader x Ahri/Katarina
2 - How you meet them
Ahri P.O.V
I remember you, the time you took something valuable to me.
I was walking throughout the jungle after helping Xayah and Rakan attack Zed and his Order of the shadow, well mostly Xayah but still help them. We recover the lost necklace that Zed used to destroy Shen and their fallow ninja friends. Xayah give a necklace to me, sometime we didn't get along but although she want to tell me what it like to "mate" with the human. Maybe she want to do with Rakan, but that the story for the future.
As I walked with my new necklace, someone watching me. I smell who it is. Human. Male. Young? This is going be good~
Ahri: Whatever you are, I bet you here for something.
???: Yeah. I here for the necklace.
Then I hear a drop behind, when I looked I see a male with a hunter clothe and carry a weapon. This is going be fun~
Ahri: Well if you want the necklace back, you gotta deal with me.
I summoning the orb, ready to fight.
???: This necklace belong to the jungle!
The h
:iconjohnnytheepicchhun:JohnnyTheEpicChhun 20 2
Welcome to the Jungle Male Reader x Ahri/Katarina
You're (Y/N) (L/N), a lone hunter who protect your home from destroy by Noxus.
When you a little child you and your  parents used to live outdoor house, everything was fine, until Noxus came. They killed your parent leaving you alone in the jungle. You were going to die, until Rengar the Pridestalker save you, long his side are Nidalee the  Bestial Huntress.
They help you to become the hunter and survive the forest, after few year they leave without saying goodbye. Not until they leave you a gift, your Dagger and your machete.
You've been wounder the jungle for past year, anyone that across you, you hunt them down. Even the wolf you faced. After a death battle between you and the beast, the beat bite your arm but you stab him multi time. But you feel funny, you turn into a werewolf.
But just before you freak out, you met a another wolf just like the one you faced already. Turn out, he was on your side. He learning you to their home, there was mother who take care the pact. A
:iconjohnnytheepicchhun:JohnnyTheEpicChhun 25 2
Eating with Half-Angel Part 12 Emi x Male Reader
After the date, which you mess up big time.  You’ve heartbroke even since last night date, saying people is more important than her, but in your heart Emi’s more important to you. A Half-Angel who care about you, you’ve never imagine that before.
Right now you heading The Devil caste, aka Maou house. Maybe a Demon Lord who can help your heartbroken.
You: *Knock the door*
Maou: *Open the door and see you grump* You mess up the date.
You: Big time.
Maou: Come.
You come in
Few minutes later you ask Maou about giving a second chance with her, you can’t help but think what she going to say. She’s going accepted your apology, or never forget you?
Maou: Just do it, I sure of it?
You: You’re sure about it? I mean what if-
Maou: I know Emi still like you a lot, I been seeing you two talking each other. Heck not only saving our butt, but giving her love she want.
You look at him, for a Devil King he’s good at someone giving a tips.
You: I’m
:iconjohnnytheepicchhun:JohnnyTheEpicChhun 7 3
Eating with Half-Angel Part 11 Emi x Male Reader
It been more then few mouth. You and Emi had been talking each other during work time, and sometime been “dating.” Well that what Emi thinking.
You feel the weird feeling with Emi, in fact you already in love with her!
You can’t help but talking with her everytime she call you. Heck you been walking around with her when she had a day off.
You can tell you want more than just friend, so why not asking her to be your girlfriend?
There a change that she will accept begin your girlfriend, if not…… There no going back.
Right now you and Emi are at the fancy restaurants, a five star around the city of Japan. As you two done your meal. You ask her.
You: Can’t believe it been a few mouth.
Emi: It has. Can’t remember how it start it.
You: I would say we both bump each other and forgot your wallet, so I payed both our meal.
Emi: That’s how we become friend.
You: I thoung you can’t remember?
Emi: I was testing you.
You: You good.
Emi: You know
:iconjohnnytheepicchhun:JohnnyTheEpicChhun 8 0
Vault Hunter in Alfheim Male!VH!Reader x Girl Ops
A Welcome Party
As you safely fall down to the ground, you make a hero landing.
After it you around and saw ammo, weapons and even supplies from the fall. But most importantly, what is this place? Like the flying castle and big tree, you knew you in different world.
As you walk away, a ship crashes down and make a explosion. Which you don't care and walk away like a badass should do, walk away and don't look at the explosion .
You: Looking at explosions is so overrated.
Few hour past and seen you been lost, you climb up the tree and look anyone close to you.
???: RUN AWAY!!
???: I already told it a bad plan!
???: Why you make yourself a leader?!
???: Cause I want it show how good Girl Ops we are!
You: Just my lucky day.
You drop down to help the girls out.
You run to the location until you spot four girl running away.
And you think they’re normal person like human. Right?
Nope, you saw four colorful adventurers running away from a
:iconjohnnytheepicchhun:JohnnyTheEpicChhun 15 2
Vault Hunter in Alfheim Male!VH!Reader x Girl Ops
Welcome to Alfheim
Sorry for the wait, we already deal the bandits after we sold fake guns, hope they didn't shoot.
Let begin! Starting with you going take down Hyperion scientist who summoning a Alien monster to restore peace, lucky for you it not going to happen.
You: You know, talking so loud make me want to shut your mouth up.
You take cover while just open Vault leaving an unknown monster coming through the portal.
Clockwork: Thank to your Vault friend who change the Vault key, I HAVE NOW FULL CONTROL TO WHATEVER SO CALL "GUARDIANS." and with it, NOBODY WILL EVER STOPPING ME!
You: Okay! Now I REALLY shut your f^#* mouth up!
You change at him with your Bitch (It a Legendary SMG, no it really it is. Just google Borderlands Bitch and see it is a Legendary SMG)
Loader Bots drop in while turr
:iconjohnnytheepicchhun:JohnnyTheEpicChhun 7 1
New Year with a Titan and a Bunny
Male Reader x Annie and Velvet
Ah New year, people celebrate every end of the year. Whatever good or bad they has over a year, they make a new year resolutions. People want to make a resolutions every year, even you make a new year resolutions. But look like your resolution is almost complete.
Your New Year Resolutions is stay Velvet Scarlatina and Annie Leonhart.
You met Annie during your gym class, and let just say she outmatch you. You want to defend yourself from bully, so you ask Annie to train you some brazilian jijustu and muai thai move. You learn more about her of how isolate when she not around with people. You help her making friends with Kirito, Ruby Rose, and many more. Annie doesn’t feel alone anymore.
Velvet was getting bullied from a group name Cardin and his ass face friends, you can’t help but beat the crap out of them. You totally did beat them up thank to Annie. You want to help Velvet from getting bullied from anyone, she thank to stand up for you makin
:iconjohnnytheepicchhun:JohnnyTheEpicChhun 14 13
See this? by JohnnyTheEpicChhun See this? :iconjohnnytheepicchhun:JohnnyTheEpicChhun 1 5 Merry Chrismas and Happy New Year by JohnnyTheEpicChhun Merry Chrismas and Happy New Year :iconjohnnytheepicchhun:JohnnyTheEpicChhun 1 0 SAO Hallow Realiztion now M for Mature by JohnnyTheEpicChhun SAO Hallow Realiztion now M for Mature :iconjohnnytheepicchhun:JohnnyTheEpicChhun 1 1
Vault Hunter in Alfheim - Prologue
Ah welcome adventurer! To the story of the Vault Hunters! The many tales of Vault Hunters of old and news, past and future, and myths and legends! I'm the speaker of the story who read many story of the Vault Hunters, Marcus is not here today, due of having a arm deal meeting with bunch of bandits (Hope he survive this) that I read the story for you! Just hope I do my best to entertain you people.
Now I done for introduce to you, I going to pick a story for you. Something flesh and never been told before.
Now let see. A Boy and his Skag? No. The Champion of Badass? Naw, Misadventure of Siren? I guess people already read this. Vault Hunters in Alfheim? Oh now this is interesting! Lady and gentlemen, are you tired of seeing a bloody bandits? Killer robots? Ugly monsters? And an Alien who going to destroy the universe? Well maybe you want to go another world to see something new. But what if the world that no one knew, is from the other dimensions? And that other dimension is Alfheim.
:iconjohnnytheepicchhun:JohnnyTheEpicChhun 10 4
Why? by JohnnyTheEpicChhun Why? :iconjohnnytheepicchhun:JohnnyTheEpicChhun 0 1


Empress Nu Wa - Smite by jaggudada Empress Nu Wa - Smite :iconjaggudada:jaggudada 268 12
A dose of happiness
(Life is Strange: Max Caulfield x Reader)

Harmony -
Arcadia Bay, for some, a place to hang out and relax, for others, a hideous place that is better off destroyed by a tornado
But for you, it was a home
Not because you grew up entirely in that place, but because the people in that place were always kind to you
Some of them even helped raise you when your father passed away and your mother simply left the town
Some offered you a place to stay, others gave you food and even clothes, others went as far as educating you to the best of their abilities
Under the circumstances regarding your mother, one would have grown to be fueled by hatred, but not you
You were taught differently to handle these situations, in fact, one of these people, Joyce Price gave you a guitar to help you with letting out all of those bottled emotions
As a result of her kindness and support, you grew up to be a very
:iconiron-spartan:iron-spartan 17 5
X Reader Around the World - Part 5
All the other parts will be in the description!
My part is going to deviate a bit in the formula of “reader meeting a new waifu in each part.”
Mako: *rapid pounding on door* WAKEUPWAKEUPWAKEUP! ROAD TRIP! ROAD TRIP!
Well, there goes my morning… I slowly awaken myself and spiral my back to hear that nice pop in my spine. I could hear the others in the room moan and groan, mostly Ness, but I really couldn’t distinguish who was who in that pile of groaning as I got up went to the bathroom to at least wash my face.
I unlocked the door and, after asking Mako's mom and dad, found the bathroom and did the usual necessities like pee and poop and also wash off the crap that stuck to my face and rejuvenate my face with some nice cold water. I then got out and waited outside and I expected bright sunlight, when it was actually still dark outside and standing out in the cold with me was Ryuko.
Y/n: You know where we’re going?
Ryuko: *shakes head negatively* Su
:iconpopdood:popdood 11 20
X Reader Around the World(s) P4 turn. IgnobleFiend started this, TheNessY21 made part two, Bobaccountemps1 made part three, and now I have to make part four. Let's do this.
{___}= Someone is thinking
Disclaimers: I don't own RWBY or Kill La Kill. All rights go to their respective owners.
    You waited for an answer from Yang for what seemed like ages. Every second that went by filled you with more and more doubt. Ness on the other hand was getting pretty annoyed.
    After another minute, you assumed it was best to move on without her.
(Y/N): Okay, I can take a-
Yang: I’ll go.
(Y/N): What?
Yang: I’ll go. If you’re fighting in this thing, I’m gonna help. I don’t want you to die, and to be honest, classes were getting pretty boring here anyways.
    You smiled and kissed Yan
:iconfanficadan:FanFicAdan 13 32
FNG by lonefirewarrior FNG :iconlonefirewarrior:lonefirewarrior 146 16 Viress by Saiprin Viress :iconsaiprin:Saiprin 271 4
Sword Art Online. Reader x OC: Aincrad Arc Part 4
Laylana will not be included in this chapter

Sorry that this too so long to release.
PS: Thanks for all the favorites! Keep them coming!

Chapter 4: The Black and (F/C) Swordsmans
On February 23, 2024, There we were. Kirito and I were just in the forest making our way to the next town. While walking we see some little girl’s Tamed Monster, a Feathered Little Dragon, intercepted the hit and from what we know as we’re walking towards him, was subsequently killed in the process. The now shocked little girl was then nearly killed by the apes.
I take out my sword and kill the apes with ease.
Silica: “Pina! Pina! Pina! Pina... Pina... Pina... Pina! Pina! Pina! Pina... Don't leave me all alone here... Pina!”
(Take a shot for every time she said Pina lol)
(P/N): “Are you unharmed, my lady?”
Silica: “What?”
(P/N): “I said,
:iconthenessy21:TheNessY21 14 16
F I by Raichiyo33 F I :iconraichiyo33:Raichiyo33 4,239 94 Kahlii by Qrumzsjem Kahlii :iconqrumzsjem:Qrumzsjem 230 7 Warframe- The Hand and the Will by MoonPhyr Warframe- The Hand and the Will :iconmoonphyr:MoonPhyr 112 20
Love Song Requiem [Lightning Farron x Male!Reader]
/Emily will find a better place to fall asleep/
/She belongs to fairy tales that I could never be/
/The future haunts with memories that I could never have/
/And hope is just a stranger, wondering how it got so bad/
Many boys your age and younger dream of becoming soldiers, of wielding weapons capable of terrible destruction just to protect the ones they love - even if also to look cool doing it. In these times, such dreams are pushed to become a reality, may they still be in the hearts and hopes of the young or not. Every fist must be clenched, every heart to burst into fire at the sight of the monsters awaiting their weapons. It was at that moment that innocence would be abandoned, teeth would be bared, and swords and guns would pierce flesh. Such a thing is so simple in the eyes of many a young fellow, and yet in the position of the soldier, it is a tug at the heart towards the earth; not unheard of from those with hearts that held even the smallest glimmer of light.
When you were a
:iconfictitiousnirvana:FictitiousNirvana 8 0
X Reader Around The World(s) P1
Let the games begin! :evillaugh:
Some other writers and I are gonna tag each other in to write each part of this, and I get to write part 1! =P
Legend: (F/N)First name, (L/N)Last name, (H/L/C)Hair length/color, (E/C)Eye color, (F/F)Favorite food
Third Person POV:
A boy with a bored look leaned against the window of the bus he was riding in, as it sped down the narrow two lane road heading who knows where. "This is the story of a young man named (F/N)(L/N). (F/N) was a seemingly average young man with (H/L/C) hair, (E/C) eyes, a past I didn't bother to learn, and an open-ended future. In fact the only thing currently known about him, is that he's very bored. Lucky for him, you, and myself, (F/N) is going on a trip! What kind of trip? I have no idea." (F/N) sat up in his chair, and pulled out a tissue to blow his nose. "What's that? My narration is boring you? Fine then, let's get back to what (F/N) is doing..."
(F/N)'s P
:iconignoblefiend:IgnobleFiend 18 25
RWBY: X Reader Around The World(s) P3
Alright, my turn! This is part three of an story started by IgnobleFiend, and continued by TheNessY21. I'm sticking with RWBY for now because that's what I know best, and that's what I like best. Parts one and two, as well as an explanation of rules are linked in the description for anyone interested in reading those first. (You should probably read those first...) Let's have some fun!
        "Well, if that's the case...I choose to stay here for now." You decided, looking down at Ness.
        The Shinigami shrugged, then gave you a suspicious look. "Any particular reason? Even with your IQ, it's not like there's any way to tell if there is another team here or not." That was true. You may be a fairly intelligent person, but you were way out of your league with all of this. You just witnessed Ness murder two people who, for all you knew, were completely innocent and just as confused as you were. In f
:iconbobaccountemps1:Bobaccountemps1 13 27
RWBY: X Reader Around The World(s) P2
This is a continuation of IgnobleFiend ‘s story. I will be writing part 2 of the story.

For the previous part, go here: X Reader Around The World(s) P1

The world we’ll be going to is RWBY. I was going to do Death Note, but I’m on a RWBY craze right now. 
Also, when Ignoble said we can shift the story into whatever we want, I fucking did that. :D

Chapter 2: Battle Royal in Remnant?

Your POV
I opened my eyes. Upon opening everything around me was black… I didn’t know where I was. What was up and what was down? I couldn’t tell, but I was sure I was naked for a moment.
???: “Hello there.” A mysterious voice calls out, causing me to shriek a little as I suddenly fall onto some sort of surface.
:iconthenessy21:TheNessY21 12 23
Music Recommendation (Jirou Kyouka x Male!Reader)
Music Recommendation
Jirou Kyoka x Male!Reader
Contest Prize
Mulling over the selection he could not decide what CD looked good. On one hand that new CD from that current rising K-Pop group seemed like a good choice, but that new indie punk group might be a better fit.
Oh why did this have to be so hard! Just pick one out already, he scolded himself. He quickly checked the price tags on each and sighed. They were both already pretty pricy, meaning he would have to pick one. No but one get one specials for this boy.
“Having trouble selecting a CD?” Her voice caught him off guard, the items in his hands nearly slipping and falling to the floor.
He caught them and reaffirmed his grip luckily, then turned to look at the girl who was watching him. She chuckled a single time, having not know she would have spooked him so much from her just asking him a question out of the blue.
“J-Jirou-san!” He called out, face lighting up in a soft tone of pink. “W-what are yo
:iconladysdaze:LadysDaze 8 4
Male Reader x Leafa - Attack of the Astro Zombies!
Part Five(Finale)
There was a bright light as the grenades you threw exploded, followed by an intense heat. The astro zombies that were in the blast radius were either completely vaporized or blown to pieces. You signaled Leafa to follow and you both ran towards the news building as fast as you could, shooting at any of the zombies that got in your way. A few moments later, you made it into the building. It was dark and empty as you both walked and it was very quiet.
"This place is starting to give me the creeps. You'd think it would be just as bad in here than it is out there." Leafa said as you walked past the reception desk and down the lobby.
"Well if it makes you feel better, in situations like these there's always bound to be some showing up. At least that's what usually happens in those zombie movies." you said.
"No it doesn't make me feel better. That's exactly what I'm afraid of." Leafa said. "And how come you're acting so nonchalant about this?"
"I get into tense situations a
:iconhellrider145:hellrider145 4 0



1,653 deviations
To anyone saw my journal, it mean I be going to California for 10 day at Dec.15 . Meaning no story, that and x reader around the world. But I will write during my trip if I got time .
Halloween. The night of spooks and scary. The night of horror and nightmare. And the night of getting candy and wearing your costume of your life! That and going to Halloween party at the State Fair.

This night need a hero, a hero who use Fist of Fury and got a Ai car of David Hasselhoff. That hero is none other than…..


You’re wearing that for Halloween costume contest, but you feel like you become Kung Fury. Kicking ass and taking names, but all out of bubblegum. Only cause you got date with Erza Scarlet, and let say that her and Jellal are not working out. So you take care of Erza not matter what, and if you don’t? Well let just say Team Natsu gonna kick your ass, Hard.

*Door bell ring*

You: I’m coming!

You open door and see Erza wearing Mercy’s Witch skin, and hot damn she is still sexy with or without that cosplay. Oh and she is hosting this year's Halloween party.

Erza: Well someone to ready kick Nazis ass.

You: *In Kung Fury voice* And having a beautiful girl a good time.

Erza: I never knew you do Voice acting.

Natsu: And never knew you’re badass!

Team Natsu has arrived! With Natsu wearing Vandal Brand from League of Legends, samething with Lucy with Sorceress Lux. Gary wearing Cap.Cold (The modern/Injustice 2), and Wendy wearing Chibiusa from Sailor Moon. Oh and Happy and Carla wearing both Angel and Demon.

Gary: Wish I wear that, I should be naked this year party.

You: *Still in Kung Fury voice* But people think you’re New Year Baby.

Gary: I taking back.

Lucy: Come on, Fairy Tail meeting is about to start.

Erza: *Lock around your arm* Shell we?

You: Yes ma.

Few minutes later all the Fairy Tail members are here, reason is they all volunteer for helping this year Halloween party.

Lisanna: Great you’re here!

You: *using Kung Fury voice* Nice Felicia from Darkstalkers.

Lisanna: Same with Kung Fury (Y/N), never knew you’re good at voice acting.

Makarov: ALRIGHT LISTING UP!!! *All Fairy Tail member look at him* Today’s the day we hosting this year Halloween. *All of them cheer* But it doesn't mean we goin crash everyone in State Fair!

Natsu: Come on! We like to party so hard!

Makarov: Remember our time with Sabertooth?

Natsu: Oh yeah! Can’t help but fight Sting and Rouge.

You: *using Kung Fury voice* Even those you win, you cause last year Halloween party making Fairy Tail payed their damage bill.
Fairy Tail look at Natsu.

Natsu: WHAT?!

Gajeel: This is what you pay for not having us a beach party!

Levy as the Monster Hunter book girl try to calm down Gajeel with his X-Men Colossus sult.

Makarov: Calm down, we all here for entertain people. *Fairy Tail now look back him* Now we’ve a rule for this year's Halloween party. No fighting, no crashing, no naked on the public, and for love of god, NO HAVING SEX DURING THE PARTY!!!

Now Fairy Tail look at you, even Erza smirked at you.

You: *using Kung Fury voice* What? We just making out.


Fairy Tail cheer as they make their way to the State Fair. You and Erza was going to have fun, until a co-worker show up.

Co-worker: Hey Erza, they need you on state.

Erza: Tell them I be there right now.

After she told him and left, you two are heading to the state.

You: *Now using Kung Fury voice till the end* I can’t believe you management got Gorillaz to play our Halloween party.

Erza: I got a friend who is friend with Gorillaz.

You: Now that is sick!

???: Come on Morty! That goddamn ghost could be anywhere!

Morty: Aw jeez Rick, after I got slimed?

You: Hey Rick and Morty, nice Ghostbusters.

Rick and Morty look at you

Morty: Hey (Y/N)! Thank and nice Kung Fury outfit, as well with your badass voice.

You: Thank, always make sure the people are safe. How you doing?

Rick: Well the ghost just escape, so we have to get him before any “spooky” stuff happen.

Erza: Well I leave you two-

Rick: Ah shit! The ghost is now the girl bathroom! Come on before- well you already.

Morty: Aw jeez, well see ya and good luck with the costumes content!

As they leave, you costume walk to the state.

At the backstage.

Erza: Be right back.

Erza kiss your cheek.

After Gorillaz play “Feel Good Inc.” Erza walk in front of Gorillaz.

Erza: Ladies and gentlemen, give it up for Gorillaz!

The crowd cheer.

Murdoc: Thank you thank you, it’s a horror playing with people like you in this State Fair. That and for the ladies.

Erza: Anyway, don’t forget to enter costumes content. There’s five content you can enter, boy, girl, kid, group and a couple.

Crowd go nut after hearing couple content.

Erza: If you want enter multiple content that is fine, as long you got a costume. So good luck and have fun!

The crowd goes crazy.

Erza: Gorillaz, take it from here.

Murdoc: You hear her 2-D!

2-D: Right.

Gorillaz now play Strobeite, as Erza walk to you.

Erza: Now, it taking care of, *lock your arm* Shell we?

You: You got it love.

As you two walk back to the Fair, you and Erza enjoy yourself for tonight's Halloween party. You two ride the roller coaster, walk around the zombie maze, and played couple of arcade games. Right now, you and Erza are eating after a huge fun time.

Erza: You know (Y/N), I glad we are dating.

You: Same thing, having you around is best thing in my life.

Erza: Same here. *Eating Strawberry cake, but thinking Jellal.* Wish Jellal here.

You: I feel the same way Erza. *Erza look at you* I wish you two still continue loving each other, but Jellal have to move on from you.

Erza: Yeah, I guess you're right about his future.

You: But something he said I never forget.

Erza: What did he said?

You: He told me, “If you still love her, always be with her, always protest her till the end. And never break her heart, no matter what!”

Erza: I can’t believe he told you. *Erza crying with small tear.*

You: Erza it my job to be with you no matter what, *hold her hand* even it end of time.

Erza: I can’t believe I date a Kung Fury.

You: And I can’t believe I date a Queen of the Fairies who bewitched me, that or you heal me better then Genjin.

Erza lauge after your joke.

Erza: That’s why I’m love you.

You: And still love you too. *check your watch* Damn, we miss the costume content!

Erza: Well the only remain content is couple, so…..

You: You think we ready?

Erza kiss your cheek.

Erza: I sure we ready as always.

As you two walk the final costume content, every couple is here. Before you two entering.

Co-worker: Both your name and your costume?

Erza: Erza Scalet, Mercy’s Witch skin.

You: (Y/n) (L/n), Kung Fury.

Co-worker: Alright, well you two good luck with your content!

After you two either, it was pack! I mean everyone you knew is here.

You: Look like everyone is ready for couple content.

Erza: It doesn't matter we win or not, as long we having fun.

You: Can’t argue with that.

Few minute later, Mirajane show up on state.

Mirajane: How everyone doing tonight?

The crone chree.

Mirajane: That’s great! The couple costume content is about to begin! You’ve 1 hour to vote, and the couple who has the most vote win! So good luck!

People are now voting, the couple start whatever they doing.

You: Well time to pose?

Erza: You could say-

Before Erza going to fishnh, Deku shout.

Izuku: Hey! (Y/n) is here!

Izuku wearing Superman, with Ochaco with her Spider-Gwen, and Tenya with his Injustice 2 The Flash. Kazuto,Asuna and their “ daughter” Yui with their Finn, Ray, and BB-8 Couple. And Rias and Issei with their Morrigan Aensland and Dante from Devil May Cry.

Izuku: That’s one heck a costume guy.

Erza: Thank, got it from and her friend.

Tenya: And that is one cool 80 outfit.

Ochaco: Yeah! It totally fit you!

You: I agree on that, but I need my Kung Fury voice to fit together.

Your friends shock after hearing your Kung Fury voice.

Kazuto: You got the voice?! That’s awesome!

Asuna: You two going to win, thank to his badass voice.

Yui: I hope you two win!

Issei: Hey my girlfriend just won girl costume.

Erza: That’s great for you!

Rias: We’re also enter couple content, but I hope you two going be winner.

You: Thank, that meant a lot.

Velvet: Hey Annie! Erza and (Y/n) are here!

Velvet come to you with Fran from Final Fantasy 12, with Annie with her Commander Jane Shepard from Mass Effect.

Annie: I got to say, that is one hell of a costume.

You: Thank you, Make it myself. Anyway how your boyfriend?

Velvet: Annie just getting his helmet for our couple content.

Annie: Yeah, and wait till you see our boyfriend got.

You: When he coming?

???: Right here.

You hear a robot voice coming behind you. The friends shock seeing who this person is, you turn around and see Kylo Ren with his Claymore Lightsaber.

Kylo: It’s been a long time, Kung Fury.

You: Kylo Ren, you son of a bitch!

You two walk toward each other, giving a welcome back handshake.

You: It been a long time Kylo, last time you been working out.

Kylo: With a help of Annie she still kick my ass. Seeing you still with Erza.

You: That which has helping me, then I help her back.

You two let go.

You: Guessing you three are entering.

Kylo: Of course, Me, my bunny, and my titan want to enter this year couple content.

Velvet: And never seen three love bird.

Annie: Beside that, we gonna kick your ass on this content.

Erza: Your on!

You: Right now it time to have fun, so I don’t want any catfight in here.

Kylo: I don’t want to see Annie taking on Erza.

Annie: I was joking!

Erza: We’re having fun.

You: Anyway, let’s have some fun!

With all your friends here, you are having with Erza and rest of your friends. With group dancing, a stage group play, and you never forgot mannequin challenge.

An hour later after people voted. The judges count how many couples got the most vote,now it time who is the winner this year halloween couple content.

Mirajane: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome 2-D and Murdoc of Gorillaz!

The crowd cheer.

Murdoc: Thank you! *whispers to 2-D* Told you still many hot girl with their cosplay.

2-D: I don’t know where I pick.

Murdoc: I can help you right after this. *Look back the chown* Just before we revealed this year halloween couple content, we going show our winninger of boy, girl, kid and group content!

2-D: Now for the boy content I believe we have two winning, that means Rick and Morty Sanchez for their Ghostbuster costume!

Rick and Morty come up the stage, while Rick giving a figure.

Murdoc: For the lady, I can’t believe so many horry man vote this beautiful red hair succubus. Please welcome Rias Gremory for her Morrigan from Darkstalkers.

As Rias come up, all the man cheer while the woman not.

2-D: And for the kid content, we’ve Yui Kirigaya for her BB-8 costume.

Both Kirito and Asuna holding Yui hand as they walk to stage, people aw on Yui.

Murdoc: And for the group content, we got Ayana Keiko as Captain Boomerang, Shinozaki Rika as Harley Quinn, Suguha Kirigaya as Katana, and Asada Shino as Deadshot for their Suicide Squad costume!

The Girl Ops come to the stage and strike action post, kinda like you and Kylo striking post with them a few minute ago.

2-D: And now the moment we've all been waiting for….

Murdoc and 2-D: THE COUPLE CONTENT!!!

The crowd cheers.

Murdoc: Now for the 3nd place, we’ve Ezreal and Lux for their Star Guardians content!

Ez and Lux walk to the stage on 3nd.

2-D: And for 2nd place. *show Murdoc the voting card.*

Murdoc: Damn, lucky bastard.

2-D: Velvet Scarlatina for her Fran of Final Fantasy, Annie Leonhart for her Jane Shepard of Mass Effect, and (Friend name) for his Kylo Ren of Star Wars!

All three of them walk to the stage, then strike a post.

Murdoc: And now for 1nd place winner.

Murdoc show 2-D the voting card to say together.

2-D and Murdoc: Erza Scarlet for her Mercy witch skin of Overwatch, and (F/n) (L/n) of Kung Fury!

You and Erza shock and happy at the same time, as you two holding hand and walk to the stage. The whole crowd cheering as well your friends, after you two a give handshake to two member of Gorillaz you and Erza giving them a speech.

You: You want to go first?

Erza: It’s an honor.

Erza now look the crowd.

Erza: All I want to say is thank you. Thank you for voting us this year couple costume contest, To be honest I was having fun with my friends and my boyfriend while people voting, and I can’t say more to seeing all my friend smile. Winning mean nothing to me, as long we having fun. So thank you.

The people and your friends cheers

Erza: Kung Fury, do you have to say?

You: Yes. *look the people* Even though you didn’t make it, even you try to give your best shot. It’s doesn't matter we win or not, all it matter that everyone is the winner. So tonight I say we’re winners. And winner don’t use drug!

The whole crowd and friend chree after your speech. Few minutes later you and Erza are with Team Natsu at the backstage. You and Erza holding each other while Natsu and Lucy make out, Gray now naked just playing Friday the 13nd game with Wendy, Happy and Carla. Not until….

Band member: Help I need someone!

When you look at him, you recommend the person band.

You: I know you, you’re one of Carpenter Brut!

Band member: Yeah, but I need someone who can sing tonight performance.

You: Can you give us a good new?

Band member: Glad you ask, He’ll recovering after you sing.

You: and the bad?

Band member: Well he kinda ate many candy sooo…..

You: I can do it.

Band member: You will?!

You look at Erza, telling your voice is ready, as well your body.

Erza: *kiss you for few seconds* Go out there tiger.

As you reach to Carpenter Brut, one of them ask you.

Band member: Hey, you know Maniac by Michael Sembello?

You: Oh yeah, I know a lot of 80s song.

Band member: good, glad you help us.

The light open on you. Mirajane say to the people.

Mirajane: Please, give it up to Carpenter Brut!

The crowd goes crazy seeing you with Carpenter Brut.

The song play.

You: How you're doing tonight?!

The crowd cheers

Band member: let give anything we got!

You now singing Maniac with Carpenter Brut!

Just a steel town girl on a Saturday night

Looking for the fight of her life

In the real time world no one sees her at all

They all say she's crazy

Locking rhythm to the beat of her heart

Changing movement into light

She had danced into the danger zone

When the dancer becomes the dance

It can cut you like a knife

If the gift becomes the fire

On the wire between will and what will be

Then the whole crowd sing along.

She's a maniac, maniac on the floor

And she's dancing like she's never danced before

She's a maniac, maniac on the floor

And she's dancing like she's never danced before
On the ice blue line of insanity

Is a place most never see

It's a hard won place of mystery

Touch it but can't hold it

You work all your life, for that moment in time

It could come or pass you by

It's a push shove world

But there's always a chance

If the hunger stays the night

There's a cold connective heat

Struggling stretching for the peak

Never stopping with her head against the wind

She's a maniac, maniac I sure know

And she's dancing like she's never danced before

She's a maniac, maniac I sure know

And she's dancing like she's never danced before
As the drum and guitar play solo You saw Jellal with Meredy looking at you, telling that look mean you did take care with Erza, you can’t help but smile. Everyone rocking hard, Fairy Tail, your friends, and people having the blast. You told everyone.

You: Come on and sing with us!
I guess the people cheer to you.

It can cut you like a knife

If the fight becomes the fire

On the wire between will and what will be

She's a maniac, maniac I sure know

And she's dancing like she's never danced before

She's a maniac, maniac I sure know

And she's dancing like she's never danced before

Maniac, maniac I sure know

The song end and people cheer like crazy.

As the end, you and Erza along with Team Natsu and Fairy Tail doing the Halloween parade. The party end so you and Erza gettin home.

You: It was a blast Erza.

Erza: I know, not only we’ve won but you sing with Carpenter Brut. It was a blast (Y/n).

You: Too bad we didn’t get any candy.

Erza kiss you for few moment.

Erza: How about I show you my candy then?

You: I still love you Erza, my Scarlet Witch.

Erza: And still love you, my Kung Fury.

Pennywise: Hey, want to show you some-

You: Fuck off.

Erza: No thank you.

As you two walk out. Pennywise return to this sewer.

Pennywise: Wish I was back in 50s.
A Halloween date with Scarlet Witch - Erza x Male
This is for 2017 Waifu of the year, and since It close to Halloween why not make an x male reader!

TBH I really love writing holiday x male reader ever since the new year special with Velvet from RWBY and Annie from Attack on Titan. Hope you enjoy!
To anyone saw my journal, it mean I be going to California for 10 day at Dec.15 . Meaning no story, that and x reader around the world. But I will write during my trip if I got time .


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i join Deviantart to see my pic so i be make pic some day so enjoy xD


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